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News Updates: Taekwondo Classes resume on Monday 19th August. 19:00 for Junior/Tiger Members, 20:00 for Senior Class.....

Important Dates for Firhouse TKD

19th August 2013
School Returns after summer break.
23rd September 2013
Breaking class for senior students.
25th September 2013
Guest Instructor Mr. Stobie.
29th September 2013
UKTC NI Junior tournament, Bangor.
19th - 20th October 2013
I.N.T.A Nationals, Kilkenny.
16th - 17th November 2013
I.N.T.A Ireland CUP, Cork.
1st December 2013
R.I.T.A Open, Dublin.
16th - 25th Janurary 2014
Firhouse TKD Invitational Tournament.

Welcome to the Firhouse TAE KWON- DO SCHOOL.

If your primary focus is to learn self-defence and/or you want to get into great shape, then this program is for you. The classes are fast paced, and upbeat. Constantly moving, youíre going to get your heart pumping.

In this class, youíre actually learning the basics of Tae Kwon Do while getting a great whole body workout. We take the time to teach you the correct way to punch and kick. Itís this constant learning and acquiring new skills that keeps you coming back. Youíll see yourself growing and consistently attaining new levels of skill and fitness.

For information on classes / waiting lists, please contact:
Mr. Mark Pollock
3rd Degree Black Belt
phone: 087 2406328 email: Pollm69@yahoo.co.uk

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Class Schedule

Monday / Wednesdays
19:00 - 20:00 for kids (up to 12 years)/
20:00 - 21:00 for Senior Class (13+)